Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hiccups in Siberian Huskies

Dogs normally have a hiccup because they eat or drink too fast. When your dog eating too fast, your dog also swallows air, which causes the hiccups. Hiccup sometimes is a reaction caused by the foods that irritate the stomach dog. If your dog often had the hiccups after eating, you may want to change their diet or changing your dog's food to see, because it is clear from these hiccup's dogs.

As in humans, dogs also suffered the hiccup when the muscles that control the diaphragm accidentally contracts. If your dog is experiencing a mild hiccup (in the short term), then you do not need to worry. In fact, hiccups can be an advantage for dogs, for dog hiccups helps to release the gas inside their stomachs. Hiccups sometimes also help your dog dry in their stomach irritation and help your dog to repair the damage that occurs coordination between the muscles that control the diaphragm. Hiccups are more common in puppies, and usually as you get older dog, hiccups will disappear. Your dog may experience many kinds of hiccups, hiccups that fast, between one hiccup with other hiccups or hiccups that slow between one another hiccup there with a long pause.

Emotion is another cause that can cause hiccups in dogs. Stress and fatigue can make your dog had the hiccups, so if your dog is too excited. However, the excitement usually causes hiccups are inverted, which is often mistaken with hiccups generally. The reverse hiccup occurs when your dog is taking a breather with no deliberate through the nose. You usually realize a reverse hiccup is when your dog is trying to clear mucus from nasal passages (as if the dog is trying to sniff them). If your dog often had the hiccups, or hiccups were settled, it can indicate more serious problems, like asthma, pneumonia, pericarditis, stroke or hypothermia. It is important to visit the vet if it is acute hiccups.


  1. How do i know the diffrence between a serious hiccup than not

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